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The story of a senior couple

Wedding party full of smiles to enjoy with guests

Mr. Naoki Shoji and Mr. Mami Kobayashi

Ceremony / 2016 February 20th

Venue / Sail Suite

They have a very bright personality that they met at the same workplace. The theme of the wedding is "smile". Here's a report from the two entertainers who want their guests to enjoy and laugh. Also pay attention to the surprise of the groom!

Venue used

  • Handmade ring pillow for bride and mother
  • Blessings from our guests
  • One scene in entertainment
  • Commemorative photo with guests using Photo Props
  • Enjoyable table coordination

Wedding cake in the shape of a memorable Mont Saint Michel

The groom, who has been dating for just one year and has proposed to Mont Saint Michel in France. A special wedding cake was recreated along with the handmade album presented at the time, and a thank-you job was held on the mothers of both families with gratitude.

Mont Saint-Michel

Re-entry scene from the terrace

The bride and groom, who have been re-colored, re-enter from the terrace with up-tempo songs. A commemorative photo was taken with photo props around each guest table and a conversation with everyone. The guests were very popular and the shooting was very exciting.


Surprise gift from the groom

Did you know that the bouquet of roses has different feelings depending on the number of roses? The 99 books seem to mean "eternal love" and "let's stay together". The two of us were greeted this day today, and the bride and groom again gave a surprise present. It was a very warm scene while being watched by the guests.

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