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The story of a senior couple

Smile, smile Hawaiian wedding

Kisho Imaoka and Moe Yazaki

Kisho Imaoka and Moe Yazaki

Ceremony Day / September 2015th 12

Venue / Sail Suite

The two have already had a wedding in Hawaii and held a party in Japan. The party is all about Hawaii because I want to share the memories of the happy weddings with my family with those who took care of me in Japan! We will deliver the state of the wedding wrapped in the tropical breeze and the smile was unbearable.

Venue used

  • Welcome goods showcased in Hawaii
  • Make the venue a Hawaiian taste with floral decorations containing palm leaves
  • Original cake with a resort feeling
  • Toast with champagne named after the bride, Moe!
  • Brothers play the role of escorts. Both families are very close brothers

Chillin Chillin ♪ Order! !!

The chefs of the riviera appeared with a signal imitating the TV program of Moe's favorite idol group. While the bell was ringing, Kisho's "Order!" Shouted all the guests into a laughter, and the laughable party started all the time.


I got it. "Delicious!"

Continue to reproduce the familiar scene in the program. Kisho's mother answered, “Is the food delicious?” From the moderator, “Is it delicious?” Kisho's mother, who appeared in the chef who was supposed to turn up the next moment, appeared! Serve the dishes to your parents with gratitude. Next time, we will deliver surprises and excitement to the venue.


This time, the two of us will re-enter together

It was a party venue that was excited by Kisho-san's surprise production, but Moe dressed in a beautiful lavender dress welcomed us again and we will re-enter. Introducing Hawaiian "Ray" to everyone waiting at each table. In the open atmosphere, I was able to take a commemorative photo of a lovely smile.


Their name is “Me ka mahalo!”

The course meal selected by the two is a popular course on the Riviera Aoyama where the two can decide the dishes themselves. Kisho-san and Moe-san attached the word "Meka Mahalo", which means "with gratitude" in Hawaiian. This concept was used for the party's progress and coordination, and it was a very nice party for us.

Name of two dishes
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