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The story of a senior couple

Produce a relaxing space with "Favorite Blue"! I am very impressed by the groom's surprise plan beyond the sea!

Kyoto University Kobayashi / Yanakawa Reina

Kyoto University Kobayashi / Yanakawa Reina

Wedding Day / August 2015th, 30

Venue / Sail Suite

The two met as seniors and juniors in the college debate (English) circle. A lovely bride with a smile that is loved by everyone, from the honest and humorous groom. Two weddings with such a suit were prepared under the theme of the bride's favorite "blue" & "sea". Ideas glow everywhere, especially the stylish surprises the groom planned! Please take a look at the wonderful report that warms you.

Venue used

  • Ask your favorite family for the role of escort
  • Re-entry is a bit surprised for guests, "From the terrace where the green shines"
  • Commemorative photos with guests are doubled with "Photo Props"!
  • Playing a basketball game with a friend's homemade DVD
  • In whose hand? "Osu-so-wa-ke" of happiness in bouquet pulls

The climax of the wedding is "romantic proposal" with XNUMX roses given by the guest

The stage of the wedding is a public ceremony at "Chapel the Rose" designed with a rose motif. This traditional ceremony, which has been handed down to Europe and the United States since ancient times, has a special meaning in each of the XNUMX roses, and is a warm one sent by guests to the bride and groom. In the scene where the groom kneels coolly and gives a rose, guests applauded the blessing.

Romantic proposal

Excellent sense! Put the party concept "blue" in the venue and items

"Blue" is a memorable for both of us because we love the bride. Actually, the bride's feelings are shaped into shape ... The groom is given a blue rose for his "first present" and "proposal". It ’s romantic and nice. Even at parties, the blue is well-incorporated with flower arrangements, torsion, and displays to create a more gorgeous atmosphere. Among them, the paper items were handmade based on stripes, and the high degree of perfection brought many guests taking pictures.

Party concept "blue"

Invite the bride to the childhood friend from the United States secretly! "Surprise entry from open kitchen"

The chef and chefs who came out of the open kitchen for a greeting. Then, how big is the size from the venue? ? If you pay attention, in the center there is a figure of a “groom whose white cock looks great” and a “female chef standing shyly”! As a matter of fact, this was a bride's childhood friend, and he rushed from the United States in a hurry. The bride who has not heard anything is very impressed! The venue was wrapped in loud cheers and emotional tears in the heartwarming surprise project realized by the groom's idea.

Surprise entry from open kitchen

I want to set an example! Discerning fashion coordination

The cocktail dress worn by the bride is, of course, his favorite “blue”. For coordination, add a head wreath using white and blue flower arrangements and a pure white round bouquet. In addition, the matching list bouquet of bridesmaids that match the theme color gives a great sense of sharing and wonderful memories. I felt a sense of care for the fashion of the groom's invisible places (socks)!

Fashionable coordinates
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