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The story of a senior couple

With my favorite friends and precious family,
Life-size hospitality without shoulder and elbow fun

Shunsuke Fujii, Konomi Suzuki

Shunsuke Fujii, Konomi Suzuki

Ceremony / July 2015th, 18

Venue / Grand Blue

Shunsuke-san and Konomi-san are very close friends and have a nice smile. The concept of their wedding is to give thanks to their loved ones and have the guests enjoy the party. Introducing a wedding full of such ideas and hospitality.

Venue used

  • Male guest is the leading role! A vault toss that is not a bouquet
  • With thanks to each guest
  • Special wedding with Ring Boy & Flag Girl & Bridesmaid
  • Petite surprise! Special message on dessert plate
  • We also show the appearance of the kimono of the previous photo with welcome goods

American football player intrusion ... Cake appeared!

Shunsuke who belongs to American football club. An original wedding cake finished in the color of Shunsuke who loves American football as a practice or a game on the weekend! The staff who brings them to the party also borrows a uniform to excite the party.

Original wedding cake

Their breath is perfect! Re-entry in summer

The two who re-entered the costume. After taking off the tuxedo, Shunsuke carried ... a server tank with cold draft beer! Konomi gives a snack perfect for snacks to the guest. It was a re-entry style that turned into a summer beer terrace.


The happiness for guests by cooking

"Beautiful bouquet cannelloni" also looks pretty. This dish was made with the meaning of "happiness to guests like bride and groom". Colorful dishes filled with hospitality are served with gratitude from both parties.

The reason for happiness

Hospitality great success! A wedding where everyone smiles

A large number of friends rushed to the two of you to make a lively party. It was a truly wonderful wedding, with guests celebrating the party sincerely, celebrating the two with a smile in a friendly atmosphere.

A wedding where everyone smiles
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