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The story of a senior couple

Romantic! The marriage proposal is "under the cherry blossom tree ..."

Reihei Masuda, Yoshimi Hosoya

Reihei Masuda, Yoshimi Hosoya

Ceremony / May 2015st, 31

Venue / Grand Blue

When they entered a medical university, they met when they joined the same group. Lovely bride with a smile to the sincere groom. The two of such suits were prepared at a wedding with the theme of “Sakura” and “Dish”. There are opportunities for hospitality everywhere, and ideas shine. Please look at the wonderful report by all means.

Venue used

  • A fantastic entrance scene is a longing for
  • Like a movie scene! Romantic proposals to remember
  • Spend time with guests with a wonderful smile surrounded by nature
  • Re-enter from the terrace where the greens shine
  • The gentle words of the bride, both parents and guests are very impressed climax
  • The gentle words of the bride, both parents and guests are very impressed climax

Wedding to connect with guests! "Twelve roses public expression"

The stage of the wedding is a public ceremony at "Chapel the Rose" designed with a rose motif. In the past, in Europe and the United States, there is a legend that "If you give 12 roses to your lover, you will be happy." An original ceremony based on this wonderful myth is "12 Roses Serving". Each rose had a special meaning and the roses were delivered by 12 guests, and both of them had a touching moment.

Public expression

Excellent sense! Sprinkle the theme "cherry blossoms" at party venues and items

The cherry blossoms that both brides love and memorable for them. Although familiar with Japanese culture and very popular, these cherry blossoms were well incorporated at the party and coordinated nicely. In particular, the cherry blossoms with table decorations create a more gorgeous atmosphere and create a relaxing space. Also, cherry sugar crafts and original paper items displayed on wedding cakes. Female guests cheered to the degree of perfection.

"Cherry Blossoms"

surprise! This is my first wedding! "Groom dressed as a cook" appears from the open kitchen

The chefs and chefs who came out to greet you from the full-scale open kitchen. Then, how do you feel from the venue? ? If you pay attention, there is a groom who looks good with a white cock! The venue was very exciting. Then we pick up the freshly cooked food and then go to the guest table. Beyond that ... the guests who gave the congratulations earlier ... In fact, they expressed their gratitude in the serving of the dishes with their two ideas. The venue gave applause to the surprise production full of humor.

Open kitchen

Challenge for the first time with task! Hospitality with chop ice

The groom suddenly puts a key on dessert time. In front of that, a slab chilled to -7 ° C appeared. That's right! Beginning with this is the popular chop ice production among women. The groom mixes ice cream and fruit himself to deliver delicious desserts to guests. With the familiarity of the hands, the expectations of guests will increase. The finished ice was served to seven guests by both hands. The taste of the freshly-made ice cream filled with their love seemed to be exceptional.

Chop ice
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