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The story of a senior couple

Under the theme of a rainy day (blue) that led them to fate ☆

Kazuki Mori / Haruna Kiyomatsu

Wedding Day / May 2015rd, 3

Venue / Annex Legale

They met on a sudden rainy day. The groom came into the umbrella that the bride had and started talking. We cherish the scene of such a wonderful encounter like a drama, introduce table coordination, and a party full of sense that incorporates the theme color blue into many items. "We want to convey our gratitude to those who have taken care of us."

Venue used

  • Virgin road for families
  • Bride handmade album. Umbrella motif on the cover
  • Last byte from parents
  • A colorful dish using fresh materials
  • Sticking to the rear view

Coordinate weddings with blue as the theme color

The main cross at the party venue was chosen blue, and the flowers were yellow and gorgeous with the effect of points. The cocktail dresses are amazing and the brides are handmade, and the shoes that hide in the dresses are blue. Of course, the corsage for the mother presented on the day from the bride is also bull!

Theme color

Surprise great success! The first wedding dress I meet

A bride wearing a custom-made pure white wedding dress. The groom saw it for the first time on the wedding day, but if you look at your face, you can tell that the surprise is a success!
At the back of the dress, put on a big ribbon, remove the sleeves, change the hair from ceremony to down, and the wedding party has started.


Delivering special dishes ...! ?

The monitor shows the kitchen next to the party venue. Cooking description from chef? I thought, groom! The groom expressed his gratitude to the many guests who had come so much. Guests enjoyed a Japanese-based course called "Thank You", where they were selected. Groom, we had a wonderful meal!

Discerning dishes

Bouquet of "Hazegrass" with flower language of "happiness" and "clean heart"

A bouquet different from a wedding ceremony decorates the bride's hand at the party venue. The bouquet of "Kasumi Sosou", which was held at the wedding of the bride's mother, was also selected as an important item at both weddings.

Pretty color shot
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