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The story of a senior couple

Directing a stylish "wa". Deliver spring ahead of guests ★

Katsutaka Yamada, Yuko Iwasaki

Katsutaka Yamada, Yuko Iwasaki

Ceremony / March 2015st, 21

Venue / Sail Suite

A groom full of humor and a gentle bride with a bright smile. After a ceremonial ceremony at Meiji Jingu Shrine, where the two have a close relationship, a “Japanese style” reception at Riviera Aoyama. The groom makes handmade paper cranes to decorate the venue with the first challenge to make paper cranes, and the bride displays wonderful items of memories in the guest's waiting room (foyer) ... full of hospitality, smiles It was a party full of

Venue used

  • Strict ceremony at Meiji Jingu Shrine
  • The foyer displays a lot of memories and welcomes guests
  • Change the atmosphere of the ceremony and enter in a dress & tuxedo!
  • Captivate guests with overwhelming acting skills! The chef and the groom's directing, the venue was excited
  • Memories of two people I met through job hunting are in the cake ★
  • Make happy commemorative photos with guests with HAPPY balloons
  • The staff who created the party together has a full smile! A piece wishing for their long and happy happiness!

The arrangement of the cherry blossoms that involuntarily cheered up was a florist and finished semi-original

Originally, the arrangement of cherry blossoms with a pale orange color was changed to a Japanese theme, “Taste”! Stylish cherry blossoms with pale pink x white green cherry blossoms were added, including "Ping Pong Mum", which has a round shape that fits well with the sum, "Kodemari", a small flower with a movement, and "Temarigusa", a moss-like atmosphere. . "It is the power of flowers that can change the image in various ways according to the theme," said the Riviera Florist. The two people's vision of the world was conveyed to the florist, so the image was perfect.

Original flower arrangement

"It's hard! There is no lobster, chef!"

From the open kitchen, the chef of the Riviera Aoyama began greeting the audience at the very moment. The staff listens to the chef with a mysterious look. "What !? There is no important lobster used for cooking !?" The moment the guest was surprised! The groom appears in a cock coat while catching the lobster, saying, "Ooh! It was boiling to the rainy day production.

Open kitchen production

The original course name given to the chef's specialty dish is “Spring Gift”

They chose a course that began with a dish of 12 flower wreaths, had a beautiful color, and was popular with people of all ages. The name of the chef can be freely determined based on the desire of the chef, "I want the guests to give their sincere hospitality with their original thoughts as the original course name." The main taste of using the finest dishes, especially lobster and soft and fine beef sirloin, is exceptional. The groom caught a great deal of thought (?) Ise prawns are safe, and it's a sweet and savory dish.

Original course name

The escort of recoloring is with my father like a virgin road

A bride who has not walked along Virgin Road alongside her father because of the Shinto ceremony. Instead of Virgin Road, which looks back on the life he has been walking with, he has been appointed a renewed Nakaza escort with a surprise to his father. I'm so happy that my father is guts posing! It was a wonderful time for my father to play with Carpenters's favorite music as backing music, cross my arms and walk with thought.


The cherry blossoms are even more compelling, and the lovely color splashes that will attract guests

The hook selected by the bride is "Suehiro Botanbun". The bold composition of the Suehiro pattern, which is considered to be an auspicious pattern because it spreads out at the end, on a shiny pink dashi (dance) ground, is a sprinkling of finely woven fabrics. Peony, wisteria, and pine are carefully woven into the fan using colorful threads to further shine the bride on a sunny day. The kimonos at the party venue were very vivid, giving a higher-grade stylish atmosphere.

Pretty color shot
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