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The story of a senior couple

"At home wedding" with plenty of "thank you" signs

Takashima and Kimura

Kazuki Takashima, Kaori Kimura

Wedding Day / 2014 November 16th

Venue / Annex Legale

The two were thinking of a wedding / party only for relatives. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I want to take this opportunity to give back to you. Such thoughts were gathered, and the wedding and party were invited with friends. A variety of "thank you" signs. We will introduce "At Home Wedding" where the distance between you and the guest is zero.

Venue used

  • Handmade board of bride and groom and handmade photo collage of bride and mother greet you
  • Wedding in a severe atmosphere. Tears in the eyes of your friends in the moving scene ...
  • Each table commemorative photo with a small HAPPY balloon is a good ceremony where you can interact with guests
  • Groom Present of song from grandfather. Clapping, everyone is going to chorus
  • After the performance, the whole family took a commemorative photo. This is also an important moment unique to them

"Sign of Thanks XNUMX" Bouquet & Broccolitos

After the wedding, move to open space. After the bride's bouquet, the groom's specialty broccolitos. Broccoli dancing in the air under the blue sky. For those who caught, the option of mayonnaise was also presented well.

Bouquets & Broccolitos

"Thank You Sign XNUMX" Thanks Bite

A wedding cake full of strawberries, a symbol of their happiness, is now available. Following the cake-tower ceremonial ceremony, the first part-time job, was a thanks bite from two cupids. It was a sudden surprise event, but it was a great success! !

Thanks Bite

"Sign of thanks XNUMX" cooking

The name of the course dish they chose is "thank you". Realizing hospitality with a mix of beautiful dishes that express the beauty of nature and the changing seasons, combined with the feeling of gratitude to the guests. Everyone enjoyed the Riviera Cuisine, which you can enjoy with chopsticks.


"Sign of thanks XNUMX" Letter of thanks to grandfather

Groom On the way to Nakaza, a short stop for the grandfather's seat. The paternal and maternal cares were taken care of. Two grandfathers were given a letter with thanks. Immediately after the firm handshake, they were impressed by the two reading the letter.

Thanks letter to grandfather

"Sign of Thanks XNUMX" Gifts for Parents

Parents who took care of you more than anyone. Following the reading of a letter of thanks from the bride, the bride and groom were presented with a travel ticket and the bride with a meal ticket. Content that is unique to the two who know their parents' preferences better than anyone. The catalog was prepared and the appearance was authentic.

Gifts for parents
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