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The story of a senior couple

Put your gratitude in the candlelight

Ryoichi Hasegawa, Ayumi Kurihara

Ceremony Day / October 2014th, 4

Venue / Sail Suite

The two people have a soft and gentle atmosphere, with a natural taste like that of overseas coordination. Here's a heartwarming wedding that expresses your appreciation for your favorite candles.

Venue used

  • Receive roses from close friends and take the oath of the couple
  • Greet guests with an escort card
  • Special attention to bouquets and flower arrangements for a natural taste
  • Nakaza together with three good friends
  • Serve dessert buffet on the terrace!

Combined venue with candle relay

They love candles. From the pair of pretty pigeons, the lamp of the candle is relayed around the venue. If we noticed, the venue was wrapped in the warm light of candles, and it was a time to quietly bless them.

Candle relay

Welcome board and speech filled with warm feelings from friends

Friends' thoughts on them will further color the party. I was able to get a glimpse of both of my loved personalities, such as the welcome board of a masterpiece from a painter and a heartwarming speech.

Welcome board and speech

Guests tear in the ending movie

The party climax showed the wedding ceremony to the guest with an ending movie and words of appreciation. The guests were impressed by the excitement of the last wedding ceremony and the message put into each one!

Ending movie

Interview with the two directly after the party ☆

Bride: It was a hassle to prepare, but I was relieved to see the faces of everyone I met after a long time, and it was a very enjoyable day.Groom: I could barely come to a meeting in the distance, but I think it was the help of the staff that made the wonderful wedding ceremony.I'm really thankful to you.

Be happy forever!

Direct hit interview
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