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The story of a senior couple

Thank you to your important guests

Junichi Morita, Mariko Hojo

Ceremony Day / September 2014th 14

Venue / Grand Blue

Two people who started dating by introduction of senior. With appreciation to our guests, we have been preparing for hospitality with food. Also pay attention to weddings and parties wrapped in warm candlelight!

Venue used

  • Bless you with the Flower Girl
  • Go to the party venue surrounded by greens with guests
  • Featured cake cut scene
  • Two people who re-enter after re-coloring in kimono
  • Take a commemorative photo with the entertaining members with the groom

Discerning opening video

The two CGs projected on the two monitors at the venue appeared as hosts! Profile, friend introduction and message to everybody were conveyed. The guests seemed to be nailed to the very elaborate video production at the opening.


Decoration like two people

The decoration of the wedding cake is a design that puts the feelings of the two, as the groom skis on his favorite beer in the snow! After celebrating the start of the two with a cake sword, we made a happy party to the guests.

Wedding cake

With thanks to everyone

The groom wearing a cook coat appeared on the open kitchen on behalf of the chef! A speech filled with gratitude to the guests. Also, a hearty dish for Cupid's friends was wrapped in warm air throughout the venue.


Wish you and your happiness

The lights of the candles that started from the two lit one or two, and the whole venue was in a calm atmosphere. And we hoped that the happiness of the two guests and the guests would continue forever and gently blow out the candlelight.

Candle relay
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