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The story of a senior couple

Natural style wedding that hospitality professionals were particular about!

Hideo Naganuma, Yuki Nakayama

Ceremony / July 2014th, 13

Venue / Grand Blue

A groom working at a hotel and a bride with a lovely smile. Coordination reminiscent of overseas style wedding shines here and there. We report on weddings where each of our guests is happy and smiles, with the hospitality of two professionals.

Venue used

  • Green dress and bouquet are a natural concept
  • The call of the bride, open kitchen also "Wh, Monsieur!"
  • Nakaza with each sister and nephew
  • A toast starts with the groom's champagne serve!
  • The venue is impressed by the bride's letter

A discerning setting with natural floral decorations and antiques!

He said that he wanted to create a warm atmosphere, and completed his discerning settings using antique accessories and simple and pretty flowers! It became a sophisticated style wedding like an overseas wedding.

Discerning setting

We are not particular about dishes, and change some from course dishes!

Cooking is one of the most important points of their commitment. When the bride calls "Order!", Fragrant dishes are served from the kitchen counter to each table one after another. A delicious scent spread throughout the venue. The bride's goal on this day is “complete cooking!”

Discerning dishes

Reappear with a surprise balloon with Dad!

After the color change, the bride and father appeared with a surprise balloon! The bride had a wedding ceremony at the local Miyazaki Jingu Shrine, so it seems to replace Virgin Road. The appearance of crossing the venue with his arms crossed seems to be shy, but happy ...

Surprised balloon

Finally, with the help of video and magic, the proposal! !

In fact, the groom had not yet proposed to the bride. Make full use of your friend's video and cousin's magic to make a surprise proposal for your bride on this day! The ring that suddenly appeared at hand due to the flow from the image was fitted to the ring finger of the bride from the groom, and the proposal was a great success.

Surprised balloon

Message from producer

A groom who is always unique and entertains her, and a bride who makes her happy with a smiling smile. The party was really warm and the laughing and crying faces of the guests were very impressive, and it was a day when the venue was united. The groom, who is usually just joking, planned with the guest and the message from the person who synced with the company. Was also reconfirmed. May you be forever happy.

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