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The story of a senior couple

A dreamy princess world, as if jumping out of the story ★


Ceremony / 2014 June 7th Wedding

Venue / Sail Suite

The sky is unfortunate outside "The couple who have been blessed by the blessings of the rain has a jinx where the happiness pours out to that extent." Coordinating your favorite Princess World in blue and white. Guests were filled with heartfelt smiles in a heartful and comfortable space.

Venue used

  • The proposal is with glass shoes. The ring is sparkling on the glass shoes on the day of the wedding
  • The tears when entering with your parents are sunny and full of happy smiles
  • Items related to fairy tales and work are entertained with a dedicated foyer
  • The groom serves the first dish from the kitchen to the parents. Father tears involuntarily.
  • Commemorative photography is also fun with photo props prepared at each table!

For a stylish wedding & reception unified in white & blue!

Coordinated table with glitter and transparency. Vases like carriages and candle holders made of glass shoes illuminate the table, as if jumping into the story. The blue table napkin folded in the form of shoes is a present for guests as it is.

Table coordinates

From son to dad ... expressing gratitude that can only be done here

I guess the chef's greeting before the food at the reception is served! ? In the middle of the open kitchen, a groom dressed in a cook's cook coat is run by his father! A shop that chose the path of a salaryman and could not succeed. So, at least, I want to show my father his cock coat with thanks. It was a warm surprise for the groom.

Chef greeting

The two who have recolored have a surprise entrance from the terrace!

After the mid-course remake, the movie was filled with emotional memories from their young days to today, and the inside of the darkened venue was impressed. There are surprised cheers at the two re-entry. The storm of the word “cute!” In the appearance of a bride just like a longing princess!

Surprise entry!

I was happy to help you with their wonderful vision!

Congratulations on this time. It was a very nice party, unified with the theme color "blue"! While the original movie was being broadcast, the expressions of the two were listening to the guest's reaction smiling behind the door. We're happy. I think that preparation was difficult, but I think it was a memorable day. Please stay forever!

Two wonderful visions
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