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The story of a senior couple

This is hospitality! Put the feeling of "thank you" in the gastronomy & blooming "Kasumi grass" ...

Mr. Tokuyama and Mr. Kamei

Yuichi Tokuyama, Naoko Kamei

Ceremony Date / 2014 May 17th Ceremony

Venue / Grand Blue

In college, they met through a common friend. A lovely bride to a sincere groom. These two were prepared for hospitality-oriented weddings. Delicious food, sophisticated space, and a party full of ideas. Please take a look at a nice report that shows the kindness of both of you.

Venue used

  • "Flower shower" receiving warm blessings from guests
  • "Smile time" photo time on a terrace full of greenery
  • "Two people's feelings" transmitted only by handwritten messages
  • Full of smiles! To recolor with your favorite family
  • surprise! Celebrate "BIRTHDAY" of the bride and mother!

Popular overseas! "Natural wedding" incorporating hazy grass

Kasumi-Kusa was chosen as the bouquet and flower decoration at the venue. The flower language is "Thank you" and is perfect for both wedding styles! In Europe and the United States, it is called “baby's breath”, and this cuteness may be the reason for its popularity.

Natural wedding

Re-entry! Are you groom? Appearing as a cook from the open kitchen!

When re-entering ... next to the bride ... a little embarrassed friend escorting ... while the venue is raging ... a pure white cook from the full open kitchen occupying one corner of the venue Groom looks good and looks good. The hall was heated with a humorous surprise production, and great applause was sent.


Everyone has a chance! "A large-scale rock-paper-scissors tournament with all participants"

The exciting part of the second half of the party is that everyone can participate in the “Janken Tournament” where everyone can participate without hesitation! I feel their kindness. And many luxurious prizes. Seasonal specialty fruits, hair crab, Matsuzaka beef. It was a wonderful time for the venue to be one ...

Large-scale rock-paper-scissors tournament with all participants

MESSAGE from planner and producer

The meeting with the two is a wonderful memory, including many digressions.In particular, not only the "hospitality" of the food, but also the thoughtful personality of the two people who thought about the content that the workplace, friends, and relatives could enjoy so that the party would not be an inner circle. We have become two fans!I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

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