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The story of a senior couple

How to convey "thanks" to everyone = "hospitality" with dishes made using vegetables grown by the two

Yuki Fujita and Misato Tokita

Ceremony Date / 2014 May 6th Ceremony

Venue / Sail Suite

A groom who is a garden researcher and a bride who runs a farmhouse. We would like to "hospitate" you with dishes made from vegetables grown by two people. We would like to introduce the at-home party, which is full of events, that embodies the form of "gratitude" to everyone who has taken care of us in various ways, with a focus on dishes with such thoughts.

Venue used

  • A lot of handmade items and vegetable type items in the front room are present pen at the time of transfer!
  • Immediately after the wedding, a surprise bouquet will be presented to the twin sister of the bride!
  • An original cake that faithfully reproduces the appearance of the two growing vegetables
  • The groom who appeared in a cock coat. Deliver food to those who have been taken care of by both
  • Events such as rakugo, folk songs, surprise dance of the former dancer's groom and friends

Guest participation type public ceremony

An original "wedding tree" with two illustrations. Guests will get a fingerprint stamp of approval, and the final finish will be two. At the Rose Ceremony, which was supported by 12 guests, a proposal was newly made from the groom to the bride. Guests also participated, and it was a warm and warm public ceremony. This patternMovieBut you can see it.

Wedding tree

Here are their profile introductions ...

The moderators are usually introduced by their moderators, but their backgrounds are shared by mothers who know each other better. It was a scene where the mother's feelings for the two were conveyed, as the bride's mother was impressed.

Mother of both families

Discerning menu "colored vegetable dish"

The appetizer "colored vegetable dish" is a menu with shrimp, avocado bouquet and 10 kinds of vegetable terrine, with "mini carrot" grown by the groom, and a colorful appearance. Along with the culinary services, today's menu and the harvest scene of the ingredients used were also introduced in the video.

Colorful vegetable dish

Bride's memories menu

Following the cake cutting ceremony, the last byte from the grandmother who the bride wanted to take in. The featured menu is not a cake, but the "Siso-maki Onigiri" that I always had. Bring your own shino leaves to recreate the taste of those days. The expression that seemed to be happy as if he remembered the bride's childhood was impressive.

Shiso-maki Onigiri

Special menu "Seafood and Vegetable Yuba Ankake Rice

Meal is "seafood and vegetable yuba ankake rice". As you can see, before the pots are separated from the pots, the service staff shows the freshly cooked potatoes on behalf of the two. Rice uses "Sasasigure" raised by the bride. The guests were very satisfied with the many special menu items, such as using “mint” grown by the groom for dessert.

Yuba ankake rice with seafood and vegetables
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