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The story of a senior couple

I want to set an example! Hearty hospitality full of bride's handmade items

Oe, Hirota

Shunsuke Oe, Mari Hirota

Ceremony Date / 2014 March 22nd Ceremony

Venue / Sail Suite

The "gourmet groom" who holds a chef's license and the "beautiful bride," who had been a long-time admirer of Madonna since she was in junior high school, met through a part-time job when she was a student. These two were prepared at a wedding with “handmade items” that were carefully prepared. Please take a look at the report of "with laughter and with tears" that shows the gentle personalities of the two.

Venue used

  • Masterpiece! "Escort card with treasure box" with candy
  • The guest is very impressed by the warmly warm "handwritten message".
  • Escorted by a loved family
  • Popular! Re-entry from the "Green Terrace" that shines in sunlight
  • Extra edition The elegant photographer is a Riviera photographer

"Christ ceremony" to convey love and gratitude

The ceremony of Christ at "Chapel the Rose" designed with a rose motif to make the bride shine. In a bright atmosphere with natural light, wear a wedding dress inherited from your sister. A wedding that begins with a veil down from your mother, walks down the Virgin Road with your father, and arrives at your beloved groom. A warm blessing was sent to the ceremony that impressed all the guests watching.

Christ ceremony

Losing a pro! A dedicated foyer, like a home, with a good sense of "display"

Welcome GOODS who color the foyer! This is all handmade by the bride. I'm surprised! In addition to pictures displayed on the wall, wedding cakes with a BOX motif, flower wreaths with initials ... Beautiful items that have jumped out of the world of magazines. The appearance of the guest holding the camera and releasing the shutter was impressive.


surprise! Greeting from the groom in the cook from the open kitchen

The chef and chef who appeared for greetings from the authentic open kitchen that occupies a corner of the venue, and at the same time a roar from the venue ... When you look closely, the second groom from the right is the appearance of the groom. However, the groom who has a chef's license is a perfect match for the pure white cock. The venue was excited by the humorous surprise production, and a big applause was sent.

Groom in a cock

MESSAGE from "Riviera Aoyama" producer

Congratulations on this time.
I think it was difficult to make so many fashionable handmade items and prepare while working, but I remember the way he always smiled and enjoyed preparing.
I cherish the photos taken with me on the day.
Please stay in love with us forever.

(Producer Kuroiwa)

MESSAGE from the producer in charge
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