A new place of exchange that fosters imagination and creativity.
We propose "MICE" unique to Riviera Zushi Marina.

People come together to talk, sometimes talk, and sometimes enjoy food, expanding their business possibilities. At the Riviera, we propose a space and direction to realize such a rich exchange by making the most of the hospitality spirit and planning skills cultivated over a long history. We will help you succeed in the "MICE" that you want.


Lecture & Lunch & Breakout & Activity & Dinner Party at Riviera Zushi Marina

MICE stands for “Meeting” for companies, etc., Incentive Travel for companies, etc., “Convention” for international organizations / organizations, academic societies, etc., events, exhibitions and trade shows (Event / Exhibition) initials.
Based on these four themes, this is an initiative to create a place for active exchange of people and help develop the business.
Under such circumstances, from the easily accessible city center venue to the resort-side seaside venue, the Riviera is equipped with a wide variety of spaces and the latest facilities, so there is a style that can be proposed.
We can respond flexibly to any requests such as meetings and dinners with small groups, lectures and exhibitions, various ceremonies, parties with a large number of people.

Features of Riviera "MICE"

The Riviera, who also produces weddings, focuses on the goals and results of our customers and makes detailed planning. A professional team, including an experienced dedicated planner, will support you, so please rest assured.
We will create a new communication space that will lead to the business of tomorrow.

Hospitality in cooking

Commitment to local production for local consumption

In the Riviera cuisine, which uses seafood caught in Sagami Bay, vegetables from our own vegetable garden and Kamakura vegetables, there are plenty of ingredients that feel the smell of the earth. Only the Riviera, which originated in the restaurant "Hakuunkaku", is a skillful chef who has succeeded to the tradition, providing the flavor and taste of the four seasons, and supports MICE that is remembered by guests.

Event planner's planning ability

One-stop content

At Riviera, producers specialized in MICE will support you to achieve better MICE. The Riviera Zushi Marina offers many activities including a wedding hall, restaurant, cafe, and harbor. Staff with specialized skills will provide thorough support until the day.

Specific proposal contents

Party planning

Directing and arranging dishes

Suggestions for entertainment and directing

Proposal for use utilizing venue facilities

Surprise proposal

Meeting of progress

In addition, we will provide advice tailored to your needs.

"MICE SCENE" on the Riviera

Lecture & Lunch & Breakout & Activity & Dinner Party at Riviera Zushi Marina


Start accepting

Reception starts at a building located in the center of the Riviera Zushi Marina.
Cloakrooms and changing rooms are also available.


General lecture

The whole lecture started in a relaxed atmosphere. An environment that overlooks the sea in front of you can refresh your mood and stimulate corporate activities.


Buffet lunch

Move to another location and enjoy a buffet lunch while watching the sea.
The spectacular view from the terrace is a luxury only in this area.



A meeting for each team at each venue scattered throughout the site.
An unusual environment elicits active discussions.



Please enjoy the time unique to the resort, such as cruising and tennis.
Dedicated staff will be in charge of each.


Dinner party

Dinner with plenty of fresh seafood at the party venue and poolside. Cultivate business vitality from tomorrow.

Choose "MICE"

At Riviera Zushi Marina, we have plans tailored to MICE.

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