Jazz where adults gather, with representative Japanese artists appearing every month.
Why don't you enjoy adult jazz while watching the pleasant sea breeze and the sea over the pool?
It can be enjoyed by one person, a group, a couple, or anyone.
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September 3rd Sat.
Terumasa Hino

Tickets sold out

Terumasa Hino (tp) / Ippei Kato (gt) / Yusei Takahashi (pf) / Shinpei Ogawa (b) / Naoki Takahashi (ds)

Music charge 8,000 yen

October 1st Sat.
Machiko Watanabe

Music charge 7,000 yen

November 5th Sat.
Yoshiko Kishino TRIO

Yoshiko Kishino (pf) / Tetsuya Hayakawa (b) / Ryo Shibata (ds)

Music charge 6,000 yen

December 3rd Sat.
Chihiro Yamanaka

Music charge 7,500 yen

February 4th Sat.
Lisa Ono

Lisa Ono (vo.Gt)
Ryotaro Imai (pf)

March 4th Sat.
Yosuke Yamashita Special Quartet

Yosuke Yamashita (pf) / Kousuke Sakai (b) / Tamaya Honda (dr) / Shinpei Ruike (tp)

Music charge 6,500 yen

Ticket sales / inquiries

For inquiries about tickets and performers, please contact Shonan Beach FM.Please see the Shonan Beach FM homepage for details.

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Shonan Beach FM
TEL: 046-870-3313
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Riviera Zushi Marina

【time schedule】
Doors open at 17: 00
Opening 18: 00
End 20:00

Riviera Co., Ltd.
Shonan Beach FM

Otsuka Shokai

* Shooting is prohibited so that everyone can enjoy the view comfortably.
* Performers, venues, etc. are subject to change.The latest information isShonan Beach FM homepagePlease verify.
* Tickets cannot be canceled, returned, refunded or exchanged.
* Please contact Shonan Beach FM for tickets and live performances.
* The pattern of the day is broadcast live on Shonan Beach FM radio and the Internet.For more informationShonan Beach FM homepage.

≪As a measure against infectious diseases≫
● Please be sure to wear a mask properly in the venue and cooperate with hand washing, disinfection of fingers, and cough etiquette. (We may call out to those who do not wear the mask correctly)
● Please refrain from sitting in the audience seats other than your own.
● Please refrain from yelling "Bravo" or talking in a loud voice.
● Please refrain from eating and drinking in the venue. (Please refrain from bringing in before the Corona disaster)
● The cloakroom will be suspended.

[Artists performing in 2022]
Yoshio Toyama and Dixie Saints / Naoko Terai Quartet / Dennis Lambert Latin Jazz Group / Junko Onishi Quartet

[Artists performing in 2021]
Keiko Lee / Naoko Terai / Luis Valle / Yosuke Yamashita / Terumasa Hino / MALTA / Seiichi Nakamura / Lisa Ono

[Artists performing in 2020]
Yoshiko Kishino Trio / Harvey Thompson with Yuji Tanaka TRIO TRANSITION Special guest HARU Takauchi / Junko Onishi Trio / Time Five / Gentle Forest 5 & Gentle Forest Sisters / Chihiro Yamanaka Trio / Kei Kobayashi Quintet  

[Artists performing in 2019]
shiho (ex.fried pride) / Seiichi Nakamura / Kazumi Watanabe / Luis Valle & Afro-Cuban Migos! / Naoko Terai / MALTA / TOKU / Yoichi Kobayashi / Kimiko Ito / Ai Kuwabara  

[Artists performing in 2018]
Mickie Yoshino / Yoko Kon / Shinji Akita / Junko Onishi / TOKU / Luis Valle & Afro-Cuban Migos! / Hikari Ichihara / Kosuke Mine / Akira Sugimura Swing Cats / Yukari Ito / Keiko Lee / Hiroyuki Watanabe / TN Swing Jazz Orchestra  

[Artists performing in 2017]
MALTA / Masahiro Sayama Trio / Shiho / Jammin'Zeb / Luis Valle & Afro-Cuban Migos! / Riyoko Takagi / Jun Saito / Dennis Lambert / Yoshiko Kishino / Tommy Snyder / Chihiro Yamanaka / Ado Mizumori / Akira Matsuo & Take Ten Orchestra / Naoko Terai

Sunset time before the concert with a delicious meal at Malibu Farm ...

Sunset cocktail dinner

SHONAN JAZZ BY THE SEA Participants only

4 person (6,600 items) XNUMX yen (tax and service charge included)
* Drinks are not included

[Visit time]
16: 30 ~ on the day of the concert

Malibu Farm Zushi Marina

[Reservation required]
Until 3:16 00 days ago


(An example)

--Appetizer -
Fresh fish carpaccio UMAMI vinaigrette

--Soup -
Blue seafood and Chinese cabbage soup Saffron scent

--Main Courses -
Black cod roasted Saikyo miso flavor
Grilled Shonan pork marinated in rosemary and lemon in the vegetable garden

--Dessert -
Earl Gray and strawberry jelly

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Malibu Farm Zushi Marina
TEL: 0467-23-0087