Welcome to Riviera Kitchen Car Cafe @Riviera Zushi Marina, where you can enjoy the sea breeze at the marina.

【open time】
8:00 - 15:00
*May be canceled in case of rain.

[Event date/stores]

※February 25th Sun. は天候不良の為中止となりました。

March 3rd Sun.
・HORIZON BLUE COFFEE (coffee, etc.)
・On (7 types of hamburgers, soft drinks, etc.)
・FOOD TRUCK High-Five (roast pork bowl, panini)
・Garden's Kitchen for Doggies by MALIBU FARM (lunch boxes for dogs, etc.)

March 17th Sun.
・HORIZON BLUE COFFEE (coffee, etc.)
・arrowin (sandwiches, pastizzi, and other drinks)
・Garden's Kitchen for Doggies by MALIBU FARM (lunch boxes for dogs, etc.)
*If the number of exhibitors increases, we will make the information available at any time.

Click here for details on Garden's Kitchen for Doggies by MALIBU FARM

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Please use public transportation when you come to the venue. * There is a limit to the number of parking lots.

| Reservations / Inquiries |
Riviera Zushi Marina Riviera Marche Secretariat
Phone 0467-23-0028

| Location |
Riviera Plaza