"This event has ended"

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we have decided to cancel this event from the viewpoint of preventing its spread in Japan and ensuring safety.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused to those who were planning to participate in the event, and thank you for your understanding.

Riviera Zushi Marina Chef Ito's hospitality chef's table.
The first hospitality ingredient in 2022 is "Menuke," a high-class deep-sea fish that is rarely available.It is a rare fish derived from the fact that the eyes pop out due to water pressure when pulled up from the deep sea.It has a light but elegant taste, and the winter menuke is especially fatty and delicious, and is highly praised by foodies.
Please enjoy the taste of winter with the sunset.
You can bring your dog to the outdoor seats!
Optional dress code: White (off-white is also possible)

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【Holding date】
January 30th Sun.
Reception 15: 30 ~ * Ristorante AO Captain's Bar
Start 16: 00 ~ (17:07 Sunset)

[Meal place]
Riviera Zushi Marina
Aqua Garden (Restaurant AO back)

■ 14,000 yen per person (tax and service charge included)
* Seating fee includes meals and seating fee.
* Drinks are not included in the seating fee.Please purchase at the venue on the day.

[Option: Outdoor terrace seat]
Recommended for those who want to enjoy the outdoors and those who wish to accompany their dog. VIP seats can also be warm on the outdoor terrace.
■ VIP terrace kotatsu seat <with heating equipment and blanket>
(Up to 4 people) 6,000 yen (tax included)
■ VIP private room tent <with heating equipment and blanket>
(Limited to 2 units)
・ A (up to 10 people) 30,000 yen (tax included)
・ B (up to 4 people) 18,000 yen (tax included)
■ Terrace seat 0 yen <with shared heating equipment and blanket>
* If you would like "VIP terrace kotatsu seats, VIP private room tents, terrace seats", please fill in the "message column".
(Example) VIP private room tent hope
* Both options can be accompanied by a pet dog
* Since the number is limited, we may not be able to guide you even if you request it.Please note.
* Please pay the option fee in cash at the reception desk on the day of the event.

[Course content]

Breath of the cold ...
 Grilled red throat sea cucumber with Tosa vinegar, somen noodles, homemade new karasumi, edible wild plants, Miura vegetables

 Zuwai Crab This steamed egg

-sliced ​​raw fish-
 Feature landing fresh fish

-Advance appetizer-
 Menuke shabu-shabu winter vegetables

-Steamed food-
 Menuke Yuzu Jiuqu Steamed Turnip Tailoring

 Japanese black beef fillet from Hokkaido Local black radish consomme boiled

 Menuke Frozen radish cooked rice

-Water confectionery-
 Kinako Brulee Warm bleached white balls

* Ingredients and menu may change depending on the purchasing situation.

[Accompanied by pet dog]
■ A well-behaved pet dog can be accompanied free of charge.
* If your dog participates, we will guide you to the terrace area (outdoor).
* Please note that you cannot bring your dog in the rain.

■ Children can also participate.
(Price per person for 4 years and older)
* Free for children under 3 years old who do not need a seat. (No meal)
* Children under the age of 3 who need a seat will be charged a fee per person. (Meals are provided)

[Important Notice to Visitors]
・ It is a complete reservation system (seating only).
・ Tickets can be paid online from this site.
・ Drink fee will be paid on the day of the event.
・ On the day of the event, our staff will take pictures and videos at the venue, which may be posted on advertisements, WEB, SNS, etc.Please understand that there is a possibility that the customer will be reflected.

[Regarding rainy weather / cancellation / cancellation]
・ In case of rain, the terrace area seats will be changed to indoors.Therefore, please note that you cannot bring your dog with you in the rain. (The decision on whether or not the event will be held indoors will be announced on the following SNS (Instagram / Facebook) by 9 am on the day of the event, so please see the SNS if you are traveling with a dog.)
・ If the organizer decides to cancel due to unavoidable circumstances such as a disaster, a full refund will be given.Notification of cancellation will be made on this site and the following SNS account (Instagram / Facebook) of Riviera Zushi Marina.
・ Please note that we cannot accept cancellations due to customer's convenience.
・ If you wish to give up your seat, please be sure to contact the Riviera Zushi Marina Event Desk Phone 0467-23-0028 with the following information.
Example) "We are planning to participate in January 30th" Chef's Table by Ito, a high-class rare fish eating party "with representative ◇◇. We will change the seat of 〇〇 to △△."

[About the provision of alcoholic drinks]
・ Please cooperate in the prevention of drunk driving.
・ Alcohol will not be provided to those who drive a car.
・ We will decide on the provision of alcohol according to the instructions of the government.Please note.

[Notes on application]
・ Please enter the name (full name) and contact information (mobile phone number) of the accompanying person.
・ If you are applying individually, please enter the name of the person who will accompany you if you would like to have the same table.
* Please be sure to enter in the message field in the reservation form.

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* Additional recruitment, rainy weather, cancellation, etc. after "sold out" on the reservation site will be posted on SNS (Facebook and Instagram).

[Countermeasures against infectious diseases]
* The event will be held with safety measures for new coronavirus infections.
* We ask for your understanding and cooperation in safety measures such as alcohol disinfection and wearing masks when visiting the venue.
* We will operate in accordance with the policies of the government and local governments.

Riviera's new corona measures

[Request for advance health check registration]
As a preventive measure against corona infection, we ask you to "register for a health check" before the event.
If a patient with an infectious disease or a person suspected of having an infectious disease is found at this event, we may provide it to a health center, etc. to the extent necessary.
■ At the entrance, please show the [Registration completion screen] or [Registration details email] to the staff.
* Please be sure to register one by one even if you participate in a group or family.
* If you cannot confirm your registration, you will not be able to accept admission, so please contact all your companions if you are a representative.
* Please register between December 1st and December 23th.
* Please complete the health check registration before coming to the venue to avoid creating a dense entrance.
* Since there is a limit on the number of people, we may have to wait.

Health check registration
★ Be sure to have one person at a time ★
(Please register from December 1st to December 23th)

[Important notices and remarks for visitors]

・ It is a complete reservation system (seating only).
・ Tickets can be paid online from the above site.
・ When purchasing a ticket, you will be asked to enter the name and contact information (mobile phone number) of the accompanying person, so please be prepared in advance.
・ Drink fee will be paid on the day of the event.
・ On the day of the event, our staff will take pictures and videos at the venue, which may be posted on advertisements, WEB, SNS, etc.Please understand that there is a possibility that the customer will be reflected.

《Riviera Zushi Marina Chef Yasuhiro Ito》
After serving as the deputy chef of "Riviera Tokyo", he has been serving as a "food diplomat" at the Japanese Embassy in Greece since 2010, serving important people around the world as a chef at the official residence and spreading Japanese food culture to the world. Served.In recognition of his achievements, he was certified as an "excellent official residence chef" by the Minister for Foreign Affairs.Based on the traditional "Japanese" of the Riviera, he continues to pursue dishes that sometimes combine the "Western" that he obtained in Europe.

Chef's Table by Ito
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