At Riviera Tokyo, each banquet hall is equipped with an internet service that allows you to comfortably participate in web conferences.The maximum internet communication speed is 500 Mbps (best effort) and the maximum downlink (best effort) is 1 Gbps, providing a comfortable web conference participation environment.


1 day / 22,000 yen (tax included)

Even if you use it in advance for confirmation the day before or rehearsal, you will be charged a one-day fee.When connecting multiple PCs, additional costs may be incurred. (We will prepare a quotation.) We also have a "Hybrid MICE Plan" that can be used for consultation on necessary equipment, support for the day, and seminar format.Please consider it at the same time.

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Web conference

Things to prepare for participating in a web conference

(1) Personal computer: Please prepare a personal computer with a LAN port.
(2) LAN cable / LAN port hub: We will arrange it at an additional charge.

Precautions for use

  • Please bring your own computer. We do not lend LAN cards. Please use a personal computer with a LAN connector (cable outlet).
  • If your computer is set to DHCP (setting to automatically acquire IP address and DNS server address), you can use it just by connecting the cable.
  • The maximum communication speed is 500 Mbps for uplink and 1 GMbps for downlink.However, it may change depending on the customer's environment and line congestion.
  • We recommend WEB mail for sending and receiving mail.You may not be able to use it due to the security restrictions of your provider.
  • We are not responsible for virus infection, data loss, or other damages caused by your own operation.Please note.
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