Riviera Tokyo Hybrid MICE Plan Details

Plan A "Online Meeting Plan"

Meetings will be distributed from PCs and distribution platforms (ZOOM, Teams, etc.) brought in by customers using the Internet line at the venue.
It is possible to switch between the shooting screen with a fixed camera and the PC screen.This plan is suitable for corporate meetings.

From 320,650 yen (+ venue usage fee)

Plan B "Online Seminar Plan (Standard)"

In addition to the contents of Plan A, the photographer will shoot.
It is a plan suitable for seminars and symposiums because it enables various screen configurations such as the overall state of the discussion and focusing on speakers.

From 432,850 yen (+ venue usage fee)

Plan C "Online Seminar Plan (Full Support)"

In addition to the above plan contents, it is a full support plan that accepts necessary PC preparation and distribution platform (ZOOM, Teams, etc.) contracts and settings on behalf of the customer.
We also offer two cuts, fixed and movable, for camera work.
You can also play the video material you brought in.

From 904,200 yen (+ venue usage fee)

Satellite venue options

The video delivered at the base venue can be screened at another venue in the Riviera Tokyo.
Depending on the availability in the facility, all seven venues can be connected by distribution, and it is possible to set up so that they can communicate with each other by adding equipment.

28,600 yen ~ (+ venue usage fee) * Every additional venue in the Riviera Tokyo facility

* For each plan, we will decide the necessary equipment in consultation with the customer and estimate it.
* Additional cameras, more operators, additional distribution platforms, etc., as options
Is possible.