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A side dish set that feels spring is born.Enjoy the taste of the Riviera at home.
It is a perfect gift for those who want to spend a relaxing time at home during Golden Week and those who have taken care of it.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy the special menu that the chief chef of the Riviera Group, Okano, carefully selected and devised the ingredients for the spring season.

Event Dates

May 1st Sat. ~ May 5th Wed.
* Please select the desired delivery date from the above.
* The deadline for reservations is April 28th Wed. 19:00


Spring side dish set ¥ 7,100 (tax included)

Side dish set menu

■ Low temperature roasted domestic beef Green mustard
Carefully selected domestic beef thighs are slowly roasted at low temperature.
Serve with mustard with an accent of your choice.

■ Pumpkin Mash Salad Prosciutto Crunch
The ripe pumpkin was steamed to make a mash salad.
Accented with the taste and aroma of chopped prosciutto.

■ Straw-grilled chicken with black garlic soy sauce
The chicken was grilled over charcoal, entwined with sauce, and scented with straw.
The sauce was made from rich aged garlic.

■ Sake of sea bream and sea urchin Steamed sea urchin The scent of Japanese pepper
Sake-steamed sea bream and salt-steamed sea urchin are dissolved and the flavor of bonito is added.
Feel the spring with a refreshing Japanese pepper scent.

■ Shrimp and paprika Japanese-style romesco sauce
Stir-fried shrimp and paprika and marinated in Japanese-style romesco sauce made from white miso.
Please enjoy the gentle taste.

■ Meita glare of pirates and carrots
Finished in Kinpira with stir-fried carrots and finely chopped carrots.
Chopsticks advance to the spicy mentaiko.

This is the recommended champagne for the spring side dish set!

Introducing the champagne recommended by the head chef and the sommelier if you want to match this dish.
Enjoy the gorgeous rosé champagne and the unique mariage of this season.

■ Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial

A fascinating rosé champagne full of lightness and suppleness.
Red fruits (wild strawberries, raspberries, cherries) with a distinctive fruity aroma,
The spicy accents bring the nuances of red fruits and roses to life.


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