On the terrace of the urban forest "Riviera Tokyo" full of greenery, celebrating 75 years since the opening of the restaurant "Hakuunkaku",
Enjoy grilled and buffet dishes, cold beer, and live jazz music.

【event date】

July 25th Thu., 26th Fri.
Reception from 18:00 / Start from 18:30 / End at 21:00

July 27th Sat.
Reception from 17:00 / Start from 17:30 / End at 20:00


・Vegetable sticks with bagya sauce
・Pate de Campagne ・Marinated seafood

<Grilled dishes>
・Angus beef brochette
・Pork spare ribs

<Chef's Special Buffet Dishes>
・Steamed chicken with spicy soy sauce
・Marinated seasonal vegetables (edamame, pickled cucumber, tomato, pickled radish)
・Marinated bonito
・Nuts & chips
・Fried chicken
・Tortilla pizza
・Riviera special curry

※The photograph is an image.
*The menu may change depending on the purchase situation.


〇7,700 yen (tax and service charge included)
*Grilled food, buffet food, and standard free drinks included

〇8,800 yen (tax and service charge included)
*Includes grilled food, buffet food, and premium free drinks.

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【draft beer】

<Asahi Super Dry>

A lively delicious drink that is characterized by its ``responsiveness as soon as you drink it, and the sharpness that you feel instantly.''

<Asahi Premium Draft Beer Jukusen>

A premium draft beer with a perfect balance of deep flavor, high-quality aroma, and refreshing bitterness.

<TOKYO Sumida River Brewing Pale Ale>

Developed in pursuit of a taste that suits the tastes of Japanese people. A pale ale with a refreshing hop aroma and pleasant bitterness.Asahi's specialty beer born from dialogue between brewers and customers.


○Standard free drink
<draft beer>
Asahi Super Dry, Asahi Premium Draft Beer Jukusen, TOKYO Sumidagawa Brewing Pale Ale

Wine (red, white), whiskey, shochu (potato, barley), sake

<Soft drink>
Cola, orange, ginger ale, oolong tea

○Premium free drink
In addition to the standard free drinks, we also offer the following drinks, including wines carefully selected by our sommelier to match the dishes.

sparkling wine
Sommelier selected white wine
Sommelier selected red wine

Moscow Mule, Gin and Tonic, Cassis Orange

<Non-alcoholic cocktail>
Granblue, Fugo, Mistiati

Please enjoy it with your family.
A children's menu is also available.
<Children's menu>

○ Kids plate 4,235 yen
○ Children's Udon 726 yen
*Children's menu includes a soft drink
* Tax and service charge included
*The photo is an image of the kids plate.

[JAZZ performer]

July 25th Thu.

Mizue Tanaka (piano & vocals)

Active mainly in Tokyo with piano singing.
At the age of three, my family entered the Doremi Family Singing Contest and won.
Nippon TV Singer Star Passes the first and second screenings and remains until airing
Remained in the final 8 groups at the Karuizawa Love Song Award and won the Best of Best Award
Appeared at events such as Bossa Nova Aoyama

July 26th Fri.

Shoji Yasuda (saxophone)

Born in 1959. He started playing the saxophone at the age of 19. He studied under Akira Omori and Ken Muraoka. The saxophone style is ``Inatai Kote-Kote-kei,'' and it has a vibrant groove feel today as well.

Eiichi Akiyama (guitar)

Born in 1966 in Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture.
From university, he studied guitar with Koichi Hiroki and music history with Sadafumi Honma. Since around 1990, he has been performing in Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture with the ``Akiyama4'' and ``Hirakawa Band.'' In 1995, he released ``Hakuba,'' a short piece for shakuhachi and 2001 strings.From XNUMX, he participated in the house band ``Kuniko Watanabe Band'' of Fujisawahonmachi Kuraja.

July 27th Sat.

Mumon Toyama (piano/keyboard)

After graduating from the music department at Osaka University of Arts, he moved to Tokyo and studied under Masataka Matsutoya. In 1990, he made his major debut on CBS SONY with the Latin funk band KAZZIBA.
Currently active as an AOR unit with Hawaii resident Lance Jyo, a new instrumental unit YachtBianco, and a unit with Seiki Hirasawa.

Kaori Fujita (saxophone)

Started playing saxophone in high school,
Entered Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Jazz Department.
Studied saxophone with Mr. Seiichi Nakamura (Yosuke Yamashita Group) and Mr. Seiji Tada (Komasa Hino Group, Phil Woods, etc.).
Learn saxophone playing techniques, jazz theory, improvisation techniques, etc.
After graduating, she participated in live performances by actress and singer-songwriter Manaka Honma and the all-female big band Tayome Orquesta.
He is also active all over the country regardless of genre, such as co-starring with Jun Ishimura (formerly of Murakami Ponta Shuichi BAND).

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