Experienced event planners for various banquets, meetings, parties, etc.
We produce while carefully listening to customer requirements.



Enjoy the seasons of the four seasons, enjoy food with your five senses, and enjoy the hospitality of the Riviera

A variety of gastronomy that excites the party scene even more gorgeously.
What the Riviera wants to deliver is “This time, this season”.
Please enjoy the taste of the season that resonates with the senses unique to Japan, embraced by the sea and the mountains.

With the high quality service and the full facilities, we will fulfill our customers' wishes

Including venues with outdoor facilities such as gardens, terraces and pools
Various venues equipped with full-scale facilities such as large monitors and live cameras are also available.
Our dedicated staff will assist you with the best hospitality.


Information on the event venue

From an easily accessible city center venue to a marine resort venue overlooking the blue sea
A space full of individuality and seasonal creative dishes,
And we will provide you with high quality service.

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