We are looking for those who will introduce their wedding and preparations on their own Instagram

Become an Ambassador with these benefits!

◆ By 20 posts by “final meeting”
Instant shine! We present flower shower!
◆ Only for those who order specified video products
You can share on SNS! One minute video gift for the wedding!
◆ With a total of more than 50 posts
Anniversary dinner invitation!

All you have to do is attach the hashtag specified by the Riviera to the content below and submit it!
We may also introduce it on the Riviera official Instagram.
In addition, ambassador-only information will be delivered via email!

□ A meeting of costumes (accessories, dresses, fitting, etc.)
□ Photos and videos of the chapel and the reception hall
□ Meeting with the producer and preparation
□ Photos with Riviera staff
□ Photo taken before
□ Photos and videos on the day of the wedding
□ Photos of participating in various Riviera events such as Christmas and anniversary

"Riviera Ambassador" will be selected only one set per day.

We will send an e-mail to the winners after our examination from among the applicants.
If you receive the winning notification email, you will act as a Riviera ambassador.
First of all, please feel free to apply from the application form below!

(XNUMX) Be a contractor or ceremony of Riviera Tokyo
(XNUMX) Those who have an Instagram account and can make the public setting
(If you do not have an account, you can create a dedicated account)
(XNUMX) Persons who can regularly post pictures and videos of meetings and weddings
(1) Those who can leave an account for one year from the wedding
(XNUMX) Repost your posted content on Riviera Tokyo Instagram,
Those who agree that there is a possibility that they will be introduced on the website and meetings
(XNUMX) Those who can accept the terms and conditions

-For details, please contact the staff-

Riviera Ambassador Terms
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