Junior yacht club

16 days of enriching content. Learn the basics of yachts and build your own.

Know the sea and ships through yachts,
Let's sail on your own yacht.


Please make a temporary application from the site below. We will send the official application documents to the email address you entered.
If there are many applicants, we may not be able to meet your request.

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Application deadline August 31st 

Hansa dinghy class 

Open skiff training 

Catamaran yacht experience

Weather and safety training 

Make a wooden yacht 

Sailing on your own yacht 



Hansa Tinghy, Open skiff maneuvering class, Catamaran yacht experience Meteorological and ship knowledge course, wooden yacht production, sailing with own yacht etc.



Click here for the 9-day schedule between September and December 

Cost 32,000 yen (tax included) / per person
Fixed employee

20 people
*If there are many applications, we will select them.


1st grade to 3rd grade of junior high school 
・People who are physically and mentally healthy


Venue Seabornia Marina (Click here for access)  
Application date

August 31st  


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