We at the Riviera Group sympathize with the philosophy that "child education changes the world"
We support the certified NPO "Room to Read Japan".

About Room to Read

Collaborate with local communities, partner organizations and government agencies to ensure that children around the world, especially in Asia and Africa, develop literacy and reading habits, and that gender equality helps girls complete secondary education. "Room to Read" works and supports activities. After establishing a school and library in Nepal in 2000, we have expanded our base of activities around the world.

Room to Read website

Sponsoring Room to Read "Tokyo Charity Gala 2017"

-Smile to children in developing countries from Riviera-

In support of "Tokyo Charity Gala 2017" hosted by Room to Reed held at the Americans Club, a cruising party "Chef's Package Cruise & Dinner in Riviera Seabornia Marina" was auctioned.
On the day of the party, everyone involved in this product cooperated as volunteers and welcomed 15 domestic and foreign celebrities invited by the winning bidder. Enjoy a special dinner with a one-night chef's feast and the atmosphere of the Riviera Seabornia Marina.

Through the “room to read”, all of the winning bids contributed to a literacy education program for 600 Lao children.

Photo | Chef's Package Cruise & Dinner Image