This commemorative course is a course of Nagaokano's gem that focuses on seasonal and seasonal ingredients in spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Not only the ingredients, but also the chopsticks, a tool for eating the course
We want many people to have a delicious, enjoyable meal and share their happiness.
Take it home as a gift for guests and use it at home
Chopsticks that are memorable and sustainable in consideration of the natural environment.

70th Anniversary Wedding Course [Yui] Special Bonus

If you choose the “Yui” course, you will receive original chopsticks for all guests!

Riviera Tokyo 70th anniversary

From Shiraunkaku to Riviera Tokyo

We, Riviera Tokyo, were founded in 1950 as a restaurant, “Shirounkaku,” and will celebrate the 2020 anniversary in 70. From April 2019 to the end of December 4, as the 2020 anniversary special year, the theme of “Yui” is the theme, connecting the past and the future, and tradition and innovation, to further bond with customers. We are planning a special project so that we can connect.